Vegan Seamoss Gummies

Vegan Seamoss Gummies


These vegan seamoss gummies are a great healthy alternative for both children and adults. Each pacakge contains approx. 25-30 gummies, and about 3-4 tablespoons of seamoss gel. 


Please refridgerate these as soon as possible, and consume within 2 days.

Please note that these are vegan, so they will not have the same texture as an animal derived/gelatin based gummy. 


These are all safe for children who are over 6 months of age, eating solid foods, and sitting up without any assistance.


Original "Eat the seamoss Anna Mae"

Unsweetened juice, seamoss gel, bladderwrack, agave, agar agar.


Elderberry "Purple Stuff" 

Unsweetened juice, purple seamoss gel, elderberry, agave, agar agar.


Maca Root "Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal."

Unsweetened juice, seamoss gel, maca root, agave, agar agar.


Relaxation/Sleep promoting "Take yall a** to bed" (Safe for children)

Unsweetened juice, seamoss gel, magnesium, lavender. chamomile, agave, agar agar.