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A picture is worth a thousand words! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. 

These images capture a small portion of the work I do as a Birth Worker.


Student Midwife

In addition to being a Doula & Doula Trainer, I'm also a Student Midwife. I'm currently going through extensive training and schooling to be your next best community based Midwife. I'll be excited to start accepting home birth clients as a Licensed Midwife in 2023!

My ultimate goal is to open a Birth Center that is accessible to the entire community with things like an apothecary, a community garden, donation drives, and more. 

Community based with an "At Home" feel.

As a local birth worker, my goal is to get to know my clients and make them feel comfortable. My office is located within my home, on the North side of Houston. Virtual appointments are available as well. Feel free to bring children and partners, or dial them in via zoom during our sessions.

Trip To

During my trip to Benin, I was able to study and learn different aspects of birth work, midwifery, and herbalism.

A few of these photos capture moments at a local birth center learning from a Traditional Midwife. Others capture moments of making plant medicine and gathering herbs.

Trip To

During my trip to Ghana, I was able to assist with labor & delivery, get more experience with different sides of midwifery, learn more about plant medicine and herbalism, and more. I picked and dried local herbs myself and also purchased herbs from locals and the local apothecary to bring back to the states to create teas, tinctures, and more. My shop will now feature goods like cocoa butter, shea butter, fabrics, and more that I've purchased in Ghana. My plan is to go back to do even more extensive studying at the Plant Medicine Research Center upon graduating midwifery school.