In July of 2020, Harmonious Birthing was approved to add on a Non-Profit sector, Harmonious Birthing Community Services

Our mission: Our mission is to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the US, especially among the Black birthing community, who have the highest rates. This will be done by providing free and low cost services to those who need it. Currently, according to statistics, black women are more than 3-5x likely to die from birth complications, up to 70% of these deaths are preventable. 


These services will include Doula services and childbirth education classes. Hiring a Doula has been shown statistically to reduce the morbidity and mortality rates. Unfortunately, undeserved communities may not always have expendable funds to pay for theses services. Our mission is also to be able to provide free or low cost birth supplies, baby supplies, and postpartum help to reduce the rates of postpartum depression/psychosis, and increase the quality of life for both birthing people and newborn babies. Our mission is also to bring together communities, to not only include the expecting person/mother, but multiple expecting families, so that they can all support each other and support future expecting couples, thus building stronger communities and foundations .

Services provided by Harmonious Birthing Community Services: Doula services, childbirth education courses, breast-feeding education, birth and baby supplies, and postpartum aid. 


Other services Harmonious Birthing Community Services sponsors: Financial aid for aspiring Doulas who wish to enroll in "Doulas of Discernment" Doula training (online and in person)

Once any donation is made, Harmonious Birthing Community Services will send you a receipt of donation, which can be used for tax write-off purposes.

Harmonious Birthing Community Services is so grateful to have donors like yourself who resonate with our mission. We appreciate each and every donation, no matter how big or small. 

Feel free to donate any amount (Minimum $1, using the Friends & Family feature) on PayPal. Our PayPal address is - Please label "Non Profit" or "Donation"

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Peace & Love