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Harmonious Birthing 

Licensed Midwifery Services- Doula Trainer/Mentor - Doula Services- Herbalist 

Meet the Midwife & Owner of Harmonious Birthing

DeShaun Desrosiers, LM, CPM

Peace & blessings, I'm so happy you're here! I began my journey into birth work about 6 years ago, shortly after achieving my very own VBAC. I'm honored to say that I started off as a Doula and Childbirth Educator and I am now a Doula trainer, mentor, and Licensed Midwife. I've worked alongside Houston's NAACP working to dissolve health & maternal disparities amongst the black community along with March of Dimes to help both upcoming doulas and families in need of doula support. I specialize in VBAC, home birth, and birth center births and have had the honor to work underneath Midwives and Herbalist in both Benin and Ghana. Many of their teaching are used in my practice today. Whether you're here for midwifery care, doula care, or maybe some holistic healing - Harmonious Birthing has got you covered.

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Meet the Doulas

All of our Doulas are trained, certified, and mentored as Full Spectrum Doulas. Our Doulas have experience in ALL birth settings (home, hospital, birth center), and are required to upkeep their continued education.

Full spectrum means they have training in preconception, birth, infant and pregnancy loss, breastfeeding/infant feeding, and postpartum care. All of our Doulas uphold a Holistic based approach to serve you and your growing family. No matter what side of town your doula lives in, she will travel up to 1 hour drive time to you and your birth space. 

Wellness Services & Apothecary

Image by Alice Pasqual

Seamoss, vitamins, teas, tinctures, & more.

We offer consultations for certain conditions like: full body detoxes, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, painful cycles, weight loss, anemia, etc. As a apart of your consultation, you will be given plan, and recommended products/herbs. Contact us via email for this.

We are happy to provide seamoss gel, hand crafted plant medicine, and herbs. Some herbs have been sourced during my travels to Benin, Ghana, and Mexico. Others have been grown by me, harvested by me, or come from trusted sources. Take a look at things like elderberry syrup, tinctures, herbal baths, and organic tea bags in our Shop section.

Published Author

Check out my children's book on Amazon!

In January 2020, I became the FIRST person to publish a children's book that featured a black family having a home birth. This children's book highlights the emotions an only sibling may endure, along with showing readers what midwifery care can look like. Please consider purchasing this book for yourself, another family, local birthing center, or library! It is also available on Kindle. Search "Our Home Birth With a Midwife" on

Home birth with a midwife book




Carrying on traditions of my African ancestors and Granny Midwives, you will receive a number of  services to help you truly heal and enjoy your postpartum experience.

 This postpartum treatment is already included for  Doula clients who book our full package. It can be sold separately. This package contains an herbal bath, a healing womb massage, traditional African belly binding, 1 gallon of prepared healing herbal tea, herbs for yoni steaming, breastfeeding guidance, and 1 plant based healing meal. 

Homebirth Midwife


Informative and Compassionate

As your Midwife or your Doula,  we will be available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. We will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have. Throughout your pregnancy, we will go over a multitude of educational topics regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and MORE! Call today for a free phone consult.


Placenta pills and umbilical cord keepsake.

Placenta encapsulation may offer the following benefits: increased oxytocin release, decrease in postpartum depression levels, restoring iron levels, increased breast milk supply, and more! This service can be an added on to birth  doula services, and can also be purchased alone.  My Doula and/or Apprentice Midwife  client's encapsulation fee  is $275. Original encapsulation fee is $315

Play this video to see some of the postpartum care we offer.


In person doula training & certification

Doulas Of Discernment Doula Training and Certification Program

November 22-25, 2025

211 W Sealy St 9 

Alvin, Texas

(Just outside of Houston/Pearland)

Doula training


Midwife and doula youtube channel

Holistic Birth & Health


Natural birth

DeShaun, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

While giving birth to my 1st child, I had a worse than negative experience, and almost became a statistic in regards to maternal mortality. Black women in the US are 3-5x more likely to die in and after childbirth than our counterparts – no matter our health, education, or income. The reason behind this points back to racism, implicit bias, and institutionalized racism.

My passion since then has always been to help others when it comes to health, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. I learned that my story was like so many others. I want to put an end to preventable maternal mortality, educate the masses, and end the crisis the Black Birthing community is currently facing. Birth-work is truly my calling. During my 2nd pregnancy, I was engulfed in the desire to advocate for myself and learn through studying, Midwives, and Doulas about every aspect regarding my body, my rights, and my birth.

I went against all odds and had a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), and beat the statistics. As a Doula,

I believe that knowledge is power, and I want to give this knowledge to the birthing community across the nation........

Harmonious Birthing is thrilled to be featured in Voyage Houston's Magazine! Please click the button below to see the interview. 

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