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Jamaican /Golden Seamoss Gel

Jamaican /Golden Seamoss Gel

SKU: 364215376135191

1 Pint/16 ounces. Seamoss gel can easily be added to a smoothie, soup, salad dressing, or taken by the spoonful alone. Seamoss contains numerous minerals and vitamins, and is great for excess mucous removal, thyroid health, iron, and overall health. Take a 1-3 tablespoons daily for optimal heath management. Seamoss gel is available in North Houston for pickup. Shipping available in the US.


Take 1 tablespoon or more daily. Add to smoothies, soups, tea, drinks, etc. Can aslo be slighly simmered over heat for 1-4 minutes, then cooled, to use as a face mask. You can also apply this product, cold/as is, to your face as a part of your facial care regimine.


Store in fridge for up to 2.5 weeks.

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