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Seamoss Gel (Chondrus Crispus)

Seamoss Gel (Chondrus Crispus)

Red Seamoss Gel, also called Chondrus Crispus, has a few more nutrients than golden seamoss. Rich in potassium chloride, Red seamoss can work wonders for congestion and mucous and holds anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Because it’s rich in trace minerals, it can also assist in fertility and libido as well as healthy cycles. It's also great for dry skin and for skin conditions ranging from eczema to psoriasis. This particular seamoss can also be used for anxiety and irregular sleep patterns. Our seamoss comes in gel form.


Red seamoss will turn into a beautiful PURPLE hue/color once put into gel form. The pictures shown are Chondrus Crispus in raw/dry form, soaked form, then gel form.


Take 1 tablespoon or more daily. Add to smoothies, soups, tea, drinks, etc. Can aslo be slighly simmered over heat for 1-4 minutes, then cooled, to use as a face mask. You can also apply this product, cold/as is, to your face as a part of your facial care regimine.


Store in fridge for up to 2.5 weeks.

  • Care/Storage

    Can be refrigerated for up to 1.5 weeks, can be frozen up to 4 weeks. After this product is frozen, the consitancy will change, but the nutrional value will remai the same.

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