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Parasite cleanse ( 3 month program)

Parasite cleanse ( 3 month program)

The 60 day program will help kill and remove parasites from the body. Parasites are responsible for many elements and diseases, even things like HSV (herpes), depression, anxiety, poor gut health, constipation, poor skin health, and more.

This package includes a zoom call to talk on one for 30 minutes about any questions or concerns you may have as well as going over the 60 day plan.

This price includes all of your herbal supplements, recommendations, and diet/eating list. 

On average, you will start seeing parasites within 3 weeks. However, some may see them as soon at 7-9 days. Parasites may exit the body from: the stool, skin, mouth (vomit) nose, (snot), vagina (discharge). It is more common than they will exit via your stool.

NOT SAFE FOR PREGNANT PEOPLE. Alternative method is give to those who are breastfeeding a child over the age of 12 months.

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